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Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade 2014

Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade 2014

The Fourth Winter Lantern Parade in Bedminster

The Bedminster Winter Lantern Parade happened to pass by our front door this evening so I grabbed my camera and jumped into the middle of the procession.

It was a fantastic event with a really great community spirit. Children and adults all parading along the main roads and back streets of Bedminster, passing by peoples houses, picking up the crowds like the Pied Piper and turning the streets into a place to party. With music from The Ambling Band and Bristol Samba there were tunes aplenty! You can find more information on the Parade Organisers Website, plus there’s in an article with our Social Media Video on the Bristol Post website.

Photos from the 2014 Winter Lantern Parade

Here are a few photos from the evening’s parade.

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