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It’s More Than Just A Video! – Video Marketing Strategy

It’s More Than Just A Video! – Video Marketing Strategy

The Online Video Marketing Evolution

As the years have gone by the evolution of online video marketing has continued to grow, with it now generating more than 50% of web traffic, increasing landing rates on pages featuring videos by 80% and 65% of people visiting a businesses website after watching a video.

With these statistics more and more companies are hopping on the video marketing train, and why wouldn’t they? – When we the consumers are captivated by great online visual content. Still not convinced?

Think of it this way, would you rather watch a short video providing all the important details of your chosen topic, or read a 2500 word essay saying the same exact thing.

In 2015 online video marketing has became a must have tool to further your businesses potential and the percentages are to expected to reach an even larger market by as near as 2017.

It’s More Than Just A Video

Now producing a video is the easy part, with most companies now co-ordinating this into their 2015 business plans, though more than half of them are forgetting a vital stage of this plan, which is the importance of marketing your videos.

To take full advantage of your videos potential, you need to have a plan put in place to ensure the success of your companies online presence. As relying on your video to just ‘be seen’ and ‘go viral’ on it’s own back is no longer efficient enough. And even if it was – how would you measure and repeat this success?

Online Video Marketing Strategy 2015

5 Tips For A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

1. Goals and Research

Know your aims and objectives! – It’s all well and good creating entertaining shareable videos, but what’s the use if they’re just sitting there lost in the inter-webs. Plan, plan and… plan!

Who do you want your video to reach? How are you going to ensure it reaches them? Set targets to reach for example ‘to gain 500 views in a month’. Research your competition and see what they’re doing.

2. Creating and Uploading of Video

During the filming/editing process keep in mind what your main aim is, as it may change/influence your process. Keep in mind titles, thumbnails, keywords and incorporate those into the way you film.

When it comes to the uploading process you need to know who your audience are and how you plan to reach them. You may simply choose to upload your videos to your companies Website or YouTube channel, but believe it or not there are a variety of video sharing platforms that you can upload to, ensuring that you reach ALL of your potential customers.

You may decide to upload to platforms like: Vimeo or Creative Review. Or you could upload short clips onto: Vine, Twitter, Instagram, as this is a great way to send out teasers of up and coming video.

3. SEO and Optimisation

Now this is an easy step to become too laid back on, but this is a core step that holds your strategy together. You need to get your video found and by not optimising your videos you limit the chance of doing this.

Figure out your keywords and incorporate them into your videos’ title and description. Make sure your description are as detailed as possible, as the more in-depth it is, transfers to exposure to people who may not already know of you.

Also this helps with Google’s SEO, as the pages you embed your video into will be scanned and improve the ranking of your page under the keywords you choose. Including links to your website/social media channels allows people to find further information about you.

4. Share Your Video

Now it’s time to promote your video, build an online presence on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook or anywhere else that’s appropriate for you company. It’s difficult to gain exposure to our videos by continually posting pushy “Watch our new video” tweets.

It’s important you establish/work on building a following first and to set time aside in order to engage with them consistently, this way it’s more comfortable when you ask your audience to watch your videos.

Try joining online forums to start discussions with people. We’ve found that Facebook forums can be great for this. Also send the video out to your friends and family, as this is a great way to boost your views by people you are closest to.

5. Keeping Track and Analysing

Keep reports on what’s working and what’s not, as you need to be able to keep track and measure your videos/strategies process. Check the engagement and insights on your social media channels. Seek out what days and what times are best to reach your audience.

Keep notes on your most successful strategies so you can use them on future projects.There’s a variety of tools out there that should help you keep track on all the important data. Don’t stick to a working technique, try out a variety of methods, as the world wide web is constantly changing so what might work for you one day, may not the next.

Now it’s time to analyse your findings! This is an opportunity to learn, as you need to be able to look back and see what was successful and what wasn’t.

This is an easy stage to miss as sometimes you may find yourself straying onto promoting your next video. This is a great way to figure out your next step when it comes to improving future projects. Find out what your hottest leads were and continue exploring that path.

Now Put A Plan Into Action

Try it for yourself! When it comes to our online marketing strategy we’re still learning new things every day and now it’s a chance for you to as well. We’re more than happy to assist you with your needs with our video marketing service, and you can check out how we’ve followed this process for other clients in our portfolio.

Don’t expect things to change overnight (and if they do, even better!). Keep in mind that an online video marketing strategy is essential to getting your videos seen!

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