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Get Wacom Tablet To Work With Windows 10

Get Wacom Tablet To Work With Windows 10

There are several issues affecting the ability to use a Wacom Tablet as a pointing device in Windows 10 (Version 1803)

Issues between Wacom & Windows 10

  • Click and Hold function creates lag, draws circles on the screen around the pointer and brings up the Right-Click menu
  • Cannot click and drag to select text
  • Scroll bars not behaving properly. Cannot grab scroll bar and scroll down page
  • The Windows Pen & Ink ‘Handwriting’ popup appears all the effing time!

The Windows 10 Pen & Ink feature prevents easy use of a Wacom tablet as a pointing device. There are some settings changes that can help:

Turn off Windows Pen & Ink Popup, Can’t click and drag text, scroll bars behaving weirdly

  1. Wacom Tablet Properties – Mapping Tab – Turn off “Use Windows Ink”
  2. Type services.msc – Touch Keyboard and Handwriting – Disable

Turn off click & Hold option – right click menu and circles

  1. Ease of Access Centre
  2. Make Touch & Tablets easier to use
  3. Make Touch easier to use
  4. Press and Hold – Right Click – Double-Click to see options
  5. Enable Press and Hold for right click – Uncheck
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