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The Specter Partnership

We have put together this page to present the latest edits of the Specter Partnership video series.

[This page is not visible to the public and can only be found using the link provided]

Specter Partnership Website Videos

4. Professional Negligence

1. Informed Consent

2. Rhinoplasty

3. Cycle Claims




Malcolm Davies


Andrew Nash

Football Injury

Cathryn Gleeson


Specter Partnership Website Videos

Versions 1

A1. Introduction

A2. Our Ethos

A3. What is Medical Negligence

A4. What areas do we specialise in?

A5. Claim Process

A6. How long will it take?

A7. What will I receive?

A8. What if I’m successful?

A9. What if I’m unsuccessful?

A10. Who can I claim against

Specter Partnership Website Videos

Versions 2

B1. What is The Specter Partnership?

B2. Our Ethos

B3. What is Medical Negligence?

B4. What areas do we specialise in?

B7. What will I receive?

B11. Am I entitled to claim?

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