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CLOSED – Mature Female Voiceover

CLOSED – Mature Female Voiceover

This project is now complete. To take a look at the finished project and how our actor got on, watch the video here.

The character is a strong, caring lady whose life was turned upside down by her husband’s accident twelve years ago. Now she speaks about the past twelve years and her family’s painful road to recovery. We are looking for a truthful performance as the script is a real testimony. We are looking to capture the journey of emotions from despair, through determination to hope.

Please send a recorded audition of the script via CastingCallPro, as an email attachment to, or as a WeTransfer link.

This video above was made as a reference for the style and tone of the commercial.

Full Script Text

(If you would like a copy to print out, download the text with this link: The Car Crash Female)

“My husband took a long time to recover from the car crash. He used to be a fine painter. We painted everywhere we went – together.

The human spirit is a miracle. Even after a massive head trauma like his, he never lost his passion. But I could see his frustration. There was something missing between his head and his hands. Bit by bit I saw it begin to come back.

I left my job so that I could always be there for him. Still, we needed near constant support for over a decade. There was no option – this was our life now.

Slowly, slowly, my husband became more like his old self. With a lot of help we started to see a little part of our life before the accident returning.

We were looked after incredibly well. It was more than just a job to them and they became a part of our new family. We never felt alone. They supported us, gave us advice and ensured we always had the best care and assistance.

I can surely say that we would never have got our life back from the car crash without the work of the insurance company. It sounds strange to say, but they’ve been such a huge part of my life that I am sad to say goodbye.

Though I’m certain we’ll stay in touch, knowing as I do that they will do everything they can to help my family.”

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