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CLOSED – Female Improvisational Acting Roles


Project Brief

We are casting female improv actors for a series of upcoming testimonial videos to be shown on our client’s website and social media. We are seeking imaginative actors who can internalise their character’s story and perform these testimonies in a natural ad-libbed style, whilst following the specified narrative arc . The actors must have experience with improv performance, and be confident and comfortable acting for screen.

The Client

The client is an independent firm of solicitors, with a background in healthcare, who specialise in helping people who have suffered complications following corrective or cosmetic surgery.  An example of this might be someone who has undergone significant weight-loss only to find they have excess skin on their arms, legs and abdomen. In order to improve their self-confidence they have then elected to have the excess skin removed but complications have led to scarring, infection or other long term issues.

The aim of the solicitors firm is to help their client get back to a point, physically and emotionally, where they were prior to the operation/procedure. This is not a case of ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’, but instead providing the necessary support, be that through further corrective surgery, counselling or financial compensation, such that they can continue with their life as best as possible.

Project Overview

We have a number of real-life scenarios and testimonials that we wish to recreate using actors, each focused on a different surgical issue.

The actor will be provided with a script covering the narrative of the piece, allowing them to understand the scenario and internalise the story.

Filming will initially involve an interview sequence where the actor will convey the story, following the specified narrative arc, but incorporating their own words, thoughts and emotions.

After this we will film a series of reenactment scenes to compliment the narrative.

The Actor

We are looking for someone who can be natural and candid on camera, taking an element of direction but bringing their own emotion to the piece. The ideal candidates would be able to empathise with someone in the given situation, understand how difficult it would have been in the first place to elect for a surgical procedure, understand the disappointment at the failure of the surgery and be able to comprehend the stress and anxiety they would face at having to deal with the situation on their own.

Audition Process

We have provided a short script below and are asking for a short taped audition to demonstrate your ability to share the story in an honest, emotive manner.

All audition tapes will then be shared with our client and we will begin by selecting the actor best suited to the first scenario. Once completed we will then begin working on videos for other scenarios and will choose the appropriate actor from the list of applicants.

On this basis we are only able to accept applications from actors who have provided an audition tape as described. We cannot accept general applications providing links to actor’s websites, casting profiles or agents.

We will acknowledge receipt of all audition videos and will contact you to advise if you have been selected for consideration in one of the scenarios. Since this is an ongoing project please do not be disparaged if you have not heard back from us. We will hold on to your audition video and will contact you if you suit a particular scenario.


  • Videos should be filmed in Landscape format.
  • Please also ensure there is sufficient light and that the sound is clearly audible.
  • We would recommend placing your recording device on a stand/tripod, or other solid surface.
  • Videos can be uploaded to Dropbox, sent via wetransfer, or uploaded directly to Vimeo/Youtube with a link included in your email.

Note: We are not expecting a professional video. We just don’t want wobbly footage, dark footage or poor quality sound to detract from your performance.


Payment & Timescales

  • £300 (plus up to £50 travel expenses)
  • Auditions accepted up until Friday 27th
  • Filming of the first video to commence early August (date to be confirmed and with consideration of actor’s availability).

The Script

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