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CLOSED – Female Actor With Acne

Female Actor With Occasional Acne

Project Brief

We are casting female actors who experience occasional problems with spots/acne to appear in an online video giving tips on how to reduce/remove spots.

The video will consist of a short survey demonstrating the improvements in skin over a number of days (without the use of any chemicals/potions/pills etc).

The video will include questions such as:

  • How does having acne make you feel?
  • What do you do to reduce spots?
  • Do you wear makeup to cover up your acne?

What are we looking for?

The actor will be required to talk to camera about their experiences, demonstrate the application of makeup to cover their acne and explain their desire to find a way to improve their skin condition.

We will then enter into a period in which the actor will follow some basic guidelines to improve their skin condition. The steps are very simply and do not require the use of any creams – they are simply lifestyle choices to aid better skin condition.

We will film a short video piece each day where the actor explains what improvements they have seen.

At the end of the period we will film the actor summarising their experiences and what improvements they have noticed in their skin.

We are looking for someone who can be natural and candid on camera, taking an element of direction but bringing their own experiences to the project.

We are asking for a taped audition demonstrating the actors ability to talk directly to camera and share their experiences in an honest, candid manner.

Due to the nature of the project (and the need to film on several consecutive days) we are ideally looking for someone living within (or willing to travel to) the Bristol/Bath area.

Pay Rate

£400 + up to £75 travel

Filming November in Bristol
Filming consists:

  • One full day (8hrs)
  • Five part days (1Hr)
  • One half day (4hrs)

This filming schedule is subject to change.

Wardrobe provided by actor.

Final video to be made available to actor for personal showreel.

How to Apply

Please supply an approx 1min video audition introducing yourself and giving a brief explanation of your experiences with spots/acne.

  • Please perform your audition to the camera in a relaxed, natural manner.
  • Imagine that you are talking directly to other people who suffer with acne and are looking for solutions.
  • Use the opportunity to demonstrate how you can engage with the audience, offering your personal opinions and experience, in a friendly manner.
  • Please ensure your camera/phone is recording in a landscape orientation
  • Send us your video via Vimeo, Dropbox or Wetransfer (if sending via Vimeo please check the privacy settings so we are able to view your submission)
  • Video quality of your taped audition is not important, as long as we can view/hear your performance ability clearly.

Auditions should be sent to:

Thank You

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