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CLOSED – Female Actor / Presenter

Female Actor / Presenter

Project Brief


We are looking for a Female Actor/Presenter to host a series of online video interviews with clients from across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

The interviews with clients will be pre-recorded (via Skype) and we then require an actor/presenter to record the Introduction, Questions and Closing Statement. The client interviews and presenter recordings will then be combined in post-production.

We would require the actor/presenter to visit our office in Bristol to record a number of interviews over the course of a day. We would then need them to return at regular intervals to record further interviews. There is a possibility that once the project is working efficiently the presenter may be able to conduct their recordings from their home. The regularity of recordings will be dependent upon the number of videos produced (which is not known at this time).

You can see a draft version of what we are looking to produce below:

What are we looking for?

The ideal candidate would be:

  • A warm, friendly, sociable character.
  • Able to record their interview segments in a genuine way as though recorded live.
  • Available to record batches of interviews in Bristol (on days to be arranged).

We are asking for a taped audition demonstrating the actors ability to talk directly to camera and give the impression of being involved in a live interview.

Due to the nature of the project (and the need to film on several consecutive days) we are ideally looking for someone living within (or willing to travel to) the Bristol/Bath area.

Examples of previous productions

Below are some example videos produced recently. These are a different format to the Cargo Cast project but help to illustrate what we are looking for.

Pay Rate

£250 per day

 plus up to £25 travel

  • Filming to take place in Bristol BS3 on various dates (TBC). We can be relatively flexible on dates to suit your own work commitments.
  • Working hours 7.5hrs max per day.
  • Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup provided by actor.
  • Food and drinks provided.
  • Final videos to be made available to actor for personal showreel.

How to Apply


Please supply a video audition based upon the script and questions provided in the video example above. The script guidelines and questions are given below.

  • Please perform your audition to the camera using either a mobile phone or webcam.
  • Please ensure your camera/phone is recording in a landscape orientation.
  • Video quality of your taped audition is not important, as long as we can view/hear your performance clearly.
  • Send us your video via Dropbox or Wetransfer to the email address below. We also accept submissions via Vimeo/Youtube (please ensure videos are clearly labelled with your name and are not set to private).

Example Script for Audition Purposes

Please read through the questions below and take a look at the video example given above. You will see that it’s necessary to ad-lib the questions and responses, tailoring them to the responses received, in order to make them sound realistic. We welcome you to interpret the script/questions and make them your own:

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Cargo Cast.

Today I am joined by Michael Sales. Michael has worked in the air freight industry for over 25 years in the field of publishing and marketing. He has written several books for logistics students and is currently working on a new project to encourage women to join the industry.

Thank you for joining us Mike….

Q. How difficult is it to recruit young people, especially graduates, into the air logistics industry?

Q What are the solutions to the problems?

Q. What kind of job opportunities are there in air freight?

Q. How did you get involved in the industry?

Q. Is there a need for women in the industry?

Well thanks for joining us…. etc etc [closing statement]

Thank You

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