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CLOSED – Actors Who Love Cycling

CLOSED – Actors Who Love Cycling

Or cyclists who love acting! We’re looking for confident Actors who love cycling and who can talk naturally on camera. We have four roles aged between 20 and 40, talking about how they have gained courage on the road and doing a bit of cycling. You must have a bike and ride confidently to be considered for all roles.

We are filming the Narrator on Saturday 7th February, and all other roles on Sunday 8th February.

This will be a fun, fast-paced shoot and the project will be turned around very quickly.



Narrator (27-40): An engaging, modern character. Up to date with trends and culture. Athletic, trustworthy, engaging and kind.

Freda (20-40): A sporty, mountain bike rider with a love for mud and puddles! Actor has good knowledge of mountain bike trails in Bristol and surrounding areas.

George (20-30): A young, trendy cyclist with an electric bike.

Chris (30-50): Comedic character, who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Not particularly athletic but very likable.

To apply

Please send a photo of you and a photo of your bike to Jacob at



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