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CLOSED – Brother & Sister Child Acting Roles

Project Brief

We are casting for a Brother & Sister, circa 4 and 6 years old, for an upcoming corporate video to be shown on our client’s website and social media. This is a non-speaking role and will simply involve the children interacting with their ‘Screen Mum’ in a number of scenarios such as:

  • Sitting around the kitchen table colouring
  • Playing with toys on the sitting room floor
  • Looking at a computer with their Screen Mum

The Client

The client is an independent firm of solicitors, with a background in healthcare, who specialise in helping people who have suffered complications following corrective or cosmetic surgery.  An example of this might be someone who has undergone significant weight-loss only to find they have excess skin on their arms, legs and abdomen. In order to improve their self-confidence they have then elected to have the excess skin removed but complications have led to scarring, infection or other long term issues.

The aim of the solicitors firm is to help their client get back to a point, physically and emotionally, where they were prior to the operation/procedure. This is not a case of ‘where there’s blame there’s a claim’, but instead providing the necessary support, be that through further corrective surgery, counselling or financial compensation, such that they can continue with their life as best as possible.

The Children

We are ideally looking for a brother and sister aged approximately 4 and 6 years old (we are not concerned whether the boy or girl is the eldest). We will also consider:

  • Two boys or two girls (of the same 4 and 6 age ranges)
  • Children who are not siblings (but would need them to interact confidently)
  • Children who are slightly outside of the ideal 4 & 6 age range (i.e. 3 & 5)

Application Process

We would kindly ask the parents (or agent) to provide a photo of the children together along with a brief introduction via email.

Please do not simply provide invitations to profile pages or CV’s via Spotlight. We are inundated with hundreds of applications from Casting Agents in this way, rendering this means of application useless. We have no choice but to simply ignore them.

We will then contact applicants to inform them of our decision.


Please contact:

Payment & Timescales

  • £150 total fee (both children)
  • Auditions accepted up until Friday 17th August
  • Filming will take place on Thursday 23rd August. Times are yet to be confirmed but we estimate a 3 hour slot between approximately 1 – 4pm. The actual time will be decided with full discussion and consideration of the parent/children’s availability.
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