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Bristol Airport Santa Flight

We were so excited to be asked to film this year’s Bristol Airport Santa Flight sponsored by Thomas Cook Airlines. New Vision Media was created with the aim of using our skills to create good in the world. We jump at the opportunity to spread the word about great companies and charities, and often we’re willing to go that extra mile.

This time, that extra mile was vertical. The Santa Flight arranges for sick children and their families to go up in the air, where they will be greeted by games and Father Christmas. It was a day, full of Christmas cheer, amid smiles and laughter. We were pleased to be able to capture that energy in the video. Take a look at the video’s stats below to see how viewers are responding to this event video production.

We made lots of friends on the plane and have made it a priority to be available to ride with our cameras on next year’s Santa Flight.

Shareable Video Content

We’re proud to say that this video has made an enormous impact on those that have seen it. So far the video has gathered:

  • and 29 lovely comments.

As you can see below, not only are people commenting very positively, they are also tagging specific friends in their comments. These audience recommendations are enormously powerful, and difficult to earn without a great message and a well-made video.

Charity Video Production Shareable Stats and Comments

If you’ve got an idea for a event video production, we eagerly await your call. Whether it’s a fundraising event, or a message that needs to be heard, we’d love to be involved. Check out our full media portfolio for our other video production services.

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